Explosion effect in only CSS

Had a go at some more CSS only animations recently. Turned out kinda cool.

Budget BitTorrent seedbox using a cheap VPS

There are a number of reasons why using a seedbox is a good idea; they remove the need to upload content using your home connection, they (almost) hide your IP address from the swarm and the content stored on one can be accessed from anywhere.

Concurrent processing in PHP

I occasionally run in to procedures that could really benefit from some form of concurrent processing. The most recent example was a script that created thumbnail images from a folder of large images but there have been many many others. Sometimes we're using a lower level language that is geared towards multi-threading, which is great. A lot of the time we've thrown together a quick script then later discovered it takes ages if one of the images is super high resolution.

Parsing maths in PHP

One of the interesting things about programming is that you sometimes come across a task that sounds really easy but is actually very difficult to implement for some technical reason.

Intercepting AJAX calls from a Greesemonkey script

I recently ran into a situation in which I needed to have something happen just after an AJAX request had completed. Initially that sounded like something that would not really be possible. Not wanting to resort to rapid polling I put a bit more time in to thinking of a solution and came up with this.

Renaming network interfaces on a linux machine

The default names given to network interfaces on a Linux machine are not all that useful. Often they are something like eth0 or p4p1, but what if you are setting up a router and want to call them something more sensible like lan and wan. Luckily with udev and a bit of kernel tweaking that is possible. There are a few guides around online but none of them seem to pull all the steps together so I'm doing that here, mostly for personal reference.

Internet explorer testing using VirtualBox

There have been virtual machine images made available for IE testing around for a while now, they're awesome and we love them. But there is one tiny annoyance about using them, the 30 days trials eventually expire and you have to stop what you're doing to restore a snapshot or set up the machine again.

Abusing pseudo elements to create a page with no HTML

I recently had the idea to try and create a simple page layout without any HTML at all except for the <html> and <body> tags. After a few minutes of playing around I had something working, it was actually weirdly easy!

Copy text to the clipboard using JavaScript and ZeroClipboard

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to automatically copy some text to the users clipboard. The reason it can be so useful is actually the same reason it's not possible, it allows data to break out of the webpage sandbox. The clipboard is considered to be part of the operating system so can't be interacted with using JavaScript from a normal page, interestingly it is possible to copy text from the developer console, but that's another story.

Fancy radio and checkbox inputs

Before I explain this neat little trick I'd like to make it clear that this was not my original idea, I first saw it on the Halifax website but I'd image it's been done in a load of other places too.