JavaScript library to capture HTML elements being created

I've written about this technique for capturing HTML elements being created before, it's a pretty cool hack using the animation start event and a uniquely named CSS animation to catch newly created elements being added to the document.

JavaScript Document Mutation Events

Sometimes you get a situation where you need to know when a new element has been added to the page with JavaScript. A common example of this is adding event listeners to a certain type of input then adding more of those inputs - the new ones do not get the event. For a simple example it's obviously easier just to add the event handler when adding the new input so let's assume we're talking about something more complex. There used to be an event for this kind of thing

Explosion effect in only CSS

Had a go at some more CSS only animations recently. Turned out kinda cool.

CSS animations are awesome!

Yet another not-so-new-tech to talk about; CSS keyframe animations. Browser support is just about good enough to use these for things on actual websites now, they've been around for a long time but as usual IE is the sticking point with only version 10 and above offering support.